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Photographer and Artist.

My name is Katherine W. Morse, Katie for short. I started learning the art of photography in 1997 under the direction of Robert Creamer at Oldfields School in Maryland. I learned to use a Nikon N50, then moved to an N70. My first digital camera was a D80; now I work with a D5200. I use a filter system from Cokin and rarely ever mess with images in the digital format. Instead, I use the techniques I learned in the darkroom and apply them old-fashioned, allowing me to create depth and high contrast.

While attending Sweet Briar College, I took a summer color photography course to print in color at the Corcoran in Washington, DC. Also, while at Sweet Briar, I got to take several classes, including alternative photography with John Morgan. He is the one who showed me a whole new world to use not only my photography but also my skills with oil pastels, acrylic paint, and so forth.

I have been creating art from beer labels and pointillism in recent years, and unique artworks have become conversation pieces. When I get an idea, I run with it for as long as the inspiration is there. Crafting and more have allowed me to expand my creative talents in other ways.

I can also occasionally attend local art markets and festivals in the Golden Isles. These events allow me to meet people and show my work in a more involved setting. Check out for where to find me at arts and crafts shows and festivals. When I can, I donate work to nonprofits for silent auction events.



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